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Richard Collins Esq

The Collins & Truett Law Firm has been, teaching, leading and protecting the financial future of victims in Florida for over 30 years by fighting for maximum compensation in every case.

Florida injury attorneys Richard Collins and James Truett founded the Collins & Truett Law Firm in 1986. From the very beginning, the law firm’s mission has been to provide the highest quality legal representation to our clients.

Collins & Truett has in-depth experience working for decades as a leader in corporate litigation. With nearly 100 trials under our belt, we are uniquely poised to address complex catastrophic tragedy cases. We help the seriously injured and families who lost a loved one. The Collins & Truett Law Firm is centered in Doral and Tallahassee and we provide representation to victims injured in cities and towns across the state of Florida.

Richard Collins Esq.

As public safety advocates and as civil litigation attorneys, Collins & Truett has helped injured clients obtain justice and compensation throughout the United States and the world. More importantly, because of our commitment to justice and public safety, the attorneys of Collins & Truett have been instrumental in getting public policy changed for the benefit of the public. The types of cases we take typically involve massive corporations who want to conceal the truth and avoid taking responsibility. Collins & Truett fight back.

Personal Attention

By limiting the number of cases that the firm accepts, we are able to devote the time and personal attention necessary to fight for the highest possible compensation for our clients.

We understand how a severe injury or the loss of a family member can impact the whole family and often can be overwhelming. The personal relationship with our clients is a very important part of our law practice philosophy.

Safety Advocates

One of the areas that we are most proud of is our ongoing effort to advocate for safety and accident prevention. Because we have seen how lives have been changed and families ripped apart with an unexpected accident, we seek to prevent that from happening to others through education and safety initiatives.

Our No Fee Promise

Every case the law firm handles is done on a contingency fee basis. We have a motto – it’s simple unless we obtain money for you there is no fee paid to us.
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